Winning the Fight for Victims of Pacific Fertility Center Disaster

Peiffer Wolf is honored to represent approximately 100 victims of the March 2018 disaster at Pacific Fertility Center. That disaster involved a meltdown of a freezer that held eggs and embryos of people who wished to have children. We filed claims against Pacific Fertility Center; its parent company, Prelude Fertility; and the tank manufacturer, Chart Industries.

Our first trial is scheduled to start in May 2021. Just before trial, Chart asked the federal court to reject our claims and our experts’ testimony. We are delighted to report that the federal court recently denied Chart’s motions!

The court’s denial of Chart’s motions clears the way for the upcoming trial of our clients’ claims and represents a major step forward in their efforts to seek recovery for the immeasurable losses they suffered from this avoidable disaster. We look forward to holding Chart accountable for the disaster and to obtaining justice for our fertility-center clients.

You can read the decision here.


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