UH Fertility Clinic News Conference Audio

March 12, 2018: UH Fertility Clinic News Conference with Lydia Floyd and Adam Wolf.



Millions of Dollars At Stake With 700 Harmed Couples and Individuals Denied Use of Eggs/ Embryos; Multiple Embryo/Cryogenic Loss Cases Litigated to Date by Peiffer Rosca Wolf Abdullah Carr & Kane.

In the wake of the destruction of 2000 eggs and embryos by the University Hospitals Fertility Clinic (UHFC), class action lawsuit was filed today in the Court of Common Please Cuyahoga County by the Cleveland law firm Peiffer Rosca Wolf Abdullah Carr & Kane (PRW), which is nationally recognized for its handling of a number cases involving embryo loss/related cryogenic issues.

The class action lawsuit was filed in the names of a Pennsylvania couple and on behalf of the other estimated 700 victims of University Hospitals Health System, Inc., University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center, Inc., University Hospitals Medical Group, Inc., and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, all of Ohio.

On Monday, March 5, 2018, the Pennsylvania couple planned to embark on the next step of their eight-year-long journey towards becoming parents. That morning, the couple called UHFC to set an appointment to begin the implantation procedure using their frozen embryos stored in the clinic’s storage bank. Their hopes were destroyed later that evening when UHFC called the Pennsylvania couple and told them that their embryos had been destroyed by the tissue storage bank temperature fluctuations over the preceding two days.

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EDITOR’S NOTE:  Lydia Floyd will be available for in-person interviews in Cleveland.