Fertility Clinic Failure May have Damaged Thousands of Frozen Eggs and Embryos

As Reported on NBC Nightly News

March 12, 2018

Major failures at a fertility clinic in California and Cleveland have left hundreds of families heartbroken. In both cases, thousands of frozen eggs and embryos may no longer be viable.


Peiffer Wolf is a national law firm with offices in California, Louisiana, New York, Missouri, and Ohio. We put together a sophisticated team of lawyers from around the country committed to representing families and victims of reckless and negligent fertility clinics and fertility medical centers.

Attorneys like Adam Wolf of Peiffer Wolf will continue to fight for families until this reckless and negligent behavior is eliminated. Even one lost or destroyed embryo is one too many.

Alarmingly, families across the country have been victim to reckless and negligent fertility clinics, fertility medical centers, and fertility doctors. These are families that have gone into debt, borrowed a significant amount of money, and leveraged everything to make their dreams of having a child possible.


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