(Sing Tao News) The Cleveland University Fertility Center and San Francisco’s Pacific Incubation Center experienced an unbalanced refrigerator temperature almost the same time on the 11th of last month, resulting in the possible loss of a total of 6,000 stored eggs and embryos. PRW Law Firm filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of affected clients of two accidents. It said that San Francisco’s Pacific Incubation Center has not made any response to the incident and is rather angry with respect to the transparent treatment of the Cleveland University Fertility Center. 

PRW lawyer Adam Walf pointed out: “When I was a young lawyer, my mentor taught me that if you made a mistake, you should admit your mistakes, learn from them, and try your best to make up or correct them. The Pacific Breeding Center The tragedy has already happened, and we hope that they can begin to take effective measures to make up for their faults as soon as possible.” 

He said that the Cleveland Fertility Center has promised to re-offer free frozen eggs or fertilized eggs to all 4,000 affected customers, and refunds have been made The storage fees charged are free of the storage costs for the next seven years and they express the desire to settle out of court as soon as possible. In contrast, the law firm required the Pacific Incubation Center to respond to requests for center responsibility on Monday and promised that such an event would never occur again, but the center ignored it. 

The lawyer in charge of the case, Tracey Cowan, pointed out that the couple in Sacramento originally planned to perform IVF this month but received a letter from the Pacific Center saying that their stored fertilized eggs could be damaged. Cowan said that in the letter, the Pacific Center not only provided an apology but did not provide any clear information. It neither stated how the plan was handled nor explained the cause of the accident, nor did it propose any improvement plan or make any promise. She said that there are still many victims who learned of this from the news. They called the Pacific Incubation Center several times and got different answers. Cowan pointed out that the accident had a serious impact on many families. For many customers who have missed the best childbearing age, the frozen egg or fertilized eggs at the center may be the only opportunity for them to have their own children, and the Pacific Incubation Center’s The response is unacceptable. 

The reporter went to the Pacific Nurture Center and asked no response.