Fertility Doctor Paul Jones Gives Up Medical License, Denies All Accusations

Fertility Doctor | CBS Denver | November 1, 2019

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (CBS4)– Dr. Paul Jones, a fertility doctor, has permanently given up his medical license. Jones also denies all accusations of secretly inseminating women with his sperm, as claimed by some.

As many as nine women and men across the country are piecing together some shocking, and unexpected, family ties. They have learned through commercial DNA databases that they are all related to each other as half siblings, and they suspect that Grand Junction fertility Dr. Jones secretly inseminated their mothers with his sperm.

All of those involved had mothers with fertility issues who sought assistance from Dr. Jones in the 1980s.

Through genetic detective work, the nine women and men learned that their DNA all connected back to the family of Dr. Paul Jones.

Jones denies all allegations.

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